Whole Pig Head


Fresh Whole Pigs Head

Perfect for Sisig and many other dishes, an often overlooked part of the pig that has some great cuts of meat available.



Fresh Whole Pigs Head

There is a lot of good quality meat on a Pig’s head. Pig cheek bacon, sausage meat, bath chaps, pork scratchings and brawn are just a few of the fantastic uses for this versatile cut. Pig brains are even spread over Bruschetta in Italy, and considered a real culinary delight. Therefore we are doing a disservice not only to the pig but to ourselves if we forgo this wonderful meat.

NOTE: The average whole pigs head weighs approximately 2.2kg to 3.2kg

Here is a great video on how to get the best cuts from your Pigs Head

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Suggested Meals

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  • Rolled pig’s head
  • Pork Sisig
  • Crispy Skin Pig’s Head
  • Dinakdakan
  • BBQ Pork Ears